Der Katz

Ella and Sibylle are facing each other at the bed of a comatose patient, arguing. The patient is Ruben Katz, 83, an award-winning director. He is artificially fed and ventilated, the machines regulate his body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. There is only one thing medicine cannot control: Ruben Katz’s imagination. The two women, each in a very different relationship with Katz, don’t have a clue: Katz is listening! Speechless and trapped he writes his own script of what he experienced and heard, hovering between life and death. What ensues is a surreal mixture of reality and illusion, sequences from Katz’s past, his professional ambitions, his wishes and dreams, and his respective relationships with Ella and Sibylle. 
This is a satirical comedy, a ménage à trois, enhanced by a fourth, artful dimension: the association, opulently presented from the patient’s perspective, the patient who only appears to be helpless and speechless at first sight.


satirical comedy


Dominik Bernet and Rolf Lyssy


Rolf Lyssy


Susann Henggeler and Hans Syz




Elia Lyssy


Succès Zürich – Zürcher Filmstiftung
BAK Succès Cinéma