The Rabbi and the Inspector

Henry Silberbaum is not a classic rabbi by any stretch of the imagination. He loves crime novels, polo shirts, his espresso machine and last but not least his racing bike. He cares about his students and the residents of the Jewish Senior Citizens' Home in equal measure. And especially Esther Simon, the attractive director of the retirement home, although he doesn't admit this to himself.

When the old Mrs. Axelrath dies unexpectedly, shortly after confiding a secret to the rabbi, he is convinced: it was murder! Particularly suspicious: her widower, ten years younger, a dubious art dealer who apparently has a young mistress who happens to be the asset manager of the deceased. But no one believes the rabbi. And certainly not the grumpy inspector Berking, who recently arrested him for a trifle. Henry has to swallow his pride and ally himself with the inspector - he risks his job to find the truth. With wit and talmudic subtlety, the rabbi succeeds in convincing the reluctant inspector. And suddenly they find themselves in the middle of a life-threatening murder plot.

In a thrilling showdown, the odd couple is able to prevent a second murder, but while the murderer is arrested, his accomplice is able to escape with a million-dollar sum. After an unsettling chase, the rabbi manages to catch the accomplice, finally. Happy ending. Almost. For let's not forget an old racehorse and a shrewd beagle that prevent the very great happy end.

Just as the book is the prelude to a series published by HEYNE, this adaptation is also the start to a film series with a prominent cast.


Comedy, buddy-movie


Der Rabbi und der Kommissar by Michel Bergmann, HEYNE Verlag


Michel Bergmann and Emanuel Bergmann


Viviane Andereggen

Produced with

Zeitgeist Filmprodutkion GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin


FFA Filmförderungsanstalt