The Weather Forecaster

There is 65 years old Melk from the Swiss Muotathal on one side, and there is 18 years old Abid from black Africa on the other side – two worlds wide apart at first sight. Melk is down-to earth, a unique character, a weather forecaster, never left his home. Being a black African Abid is the exotic foreigner, he finds work with Melk’s, but the people from the valley watch him suspiciously. But when a serious draught is threatening the valley, the people fear for their crops and income, they become very anxious. Only rain can save the valley!
When Melk learns that Abid’s father in Zimbabwe is a rain maker of old tradition, he decides to go on an adventurous journey with Abid. 
A story set between Harare and home, prejudice and reconciliation, different cultures and powerful forces of nature. Heart-warming, free from comedy trash, but with a lot of feel-good motives.




Darko Soolfrank


Roman Riklin


Stephan Puchner


Susann Henggeler and Hans Syz


Darko Soolfrank
Zürcher Filmstiftung
Kulturkommission Kt. Schwyz
BAK Succès Cinéma
Film Commission Lucerne & CentralSwitzerland
Kulturförderung St. Gallen