Let’s get divorced, Darling!

“I want the divorce!” Franziska (42) tells her husband, Oliver. He had assumed that the visit to the couple therapist was only due to some minor marital problems. Franziska is a successful businesswoman and courted by Maik, the handsome junior boss of her company, while Oliver has spent many years at home, looking after their teenage children Anna and Tim. While Franziska is on business in London with her boss for a few weeks, Oliver meets his childhood sweetheart Sophie, a successful gallery owner. She encourages him to start painting again. Gradually Oliver rediscovers within himself the old charmer he used to be. Meanwhile, in London, Franziska begins to have doubts about whether Maik is really the one. After her return home to give them another chance, Oliver, to her surprise, agrees to a divorce. What now?


Andreas Gaw, Marco Rima


Jürg Ebe


Marco Rima
Esther Schweins
Mark Keller
Andrea Zogg
Nadja Brenneisen
Basil Eidenbenz
Noémie Kocher
Stefan Gubser


Hans Syz, Turnus Film AG 
Marco Rima, Co-Producer
Swiss Radio and Television (SRF),

Cinema distribution Switzerland

Buena Vista International

World sales

Turnus Film AG