Unusual murders and missing people strike fear in a tranquil village in the middle of idyllic Switzerland.
Claire's family becomes victims of such an attack. Her father is found brutally murdered, her brother and mother are untraceable. Claire is left traumatized, with only a mysterious black stone to hold on to after this attack.
Who else, apart from a courageous inspector, for whom the case becomes an obsession, and Claire's grandfather, who lives secluded in the Swiss mountains, believes Claire that dark forces were at work on that night of horror? And what is the significance of the mysterious black stone?
An emotional rollercoaster ride with a gripping mindgame structure begins.

PARADIES is a modern-aesthetic science fiction and horror trip with a contemporary coming-of-age story and neo-noir staging elements that run parallel in different worlds.




Stephan Eigenmann


Stephan Eigenmann in collaboration with Markus Welter


Susann Henggeler, Hans Syz and Corinne Rossi


Praesens-Film AG