A teenage girl covered in blood, chaos and devastation around her. A detective who jeopardizes her career. Paranormal phenomena, that spread horror,fear and mistrust among the population.

As a renowned scientist Joe researches a substance against a dark matter in a parallel universe in the near future. During an immunization experiment which fails, a black sphere escapes into the real world. This sphere aims to wipe out mankind by entering human bodies and transforming them into killing monsters. Joe becomes the bearer of hope against this disaster.

Renaud, Claire’s little brother, is unknowingly haunted by the sphere and lives in the intermediate world. He is the personified villain and plays a hideous game, he is manipulative and can turn people into dark figures. Only very late does the audience find out, that Renaud is antagonist against his will and, with his scheming, finally helps to put an end to the atrocities.

Thanks to Claire’s brave nature and with the help of a mysterious black stone, she recognizes the apocalyptic plans and aims at ending them - a stony path with almost insurmountable obstacles. She finally manages to get to the other worlds and, with loyal companions at her side, fights against constantly changing opponents.




Stephan Eigenmann


Stephan Eigenmann in collaboration with Markus Welter


Susann Henggeler, Hans Syz and Corinne Rossi


Praesens-Film AG