Small Country - Great Ideas

Switzerland is much more than its clichés of chocolate, watches and banks. Today, the country is one of the wealthiest in the world. It is the world leader in per capita income. The country has a strong currency and a comparatively low government debt ratio, while spending on education, health and social services is high. The income gap is relatively balanced and ensures high labour peace. There is no other industrialised country that has produced as many patents and internationally active large companies as Switzerland compared to its population.

The documentary series sheds light on influential personalities as the driving forces behind Switzerland's economic success: it narrates of innovative minds and entrepreneurial courage.

Each individual biography revolves around the power of the idea, the drama of failure and success, and personal dedication.

The episodes follow the protagonists and the conditions of economic success from its historical roots through times of crisis to the present and the strategies for achieving a sustainable future. This reveals the basis of the Swiss success model.




Uwe Lützen


Susann Henggeler and Hans Syz