Tatort - Eat or Die

Together with his wife and daughter, the CEO of a holding company is surprised in his villa by a hostage-taker. A short time later Liz Ritschard and Reto Flückiger are at the door. They are investigating the murder of an economics professor and want to routinely question the CEO, but the investigators also fall into the clutch of the hostage-taker. During a long and desperate night in captivity, not only do family secrets come to light, but it also becomes clear who killed the professor.

Based on an idea by

Matthias Tuchmann


Jan Cronauer


Andreas Senn


Delia Mayer 
Stefan Gubser
Misel Maticevic 
Roland Koch
Katharina von Bock
Cecilia Steiner
Fabienne Hadorn
Jean-Pierre Cornu 
Philipp Langenegger 
Serkan Tastemur


Hans Syz and Susann Henggeler, Turnus Film AG
Swiss Radio and Television (SRF), ARD, ORF

World sales