Frieda’s Case

In 1904 Frieda Keller, a young seamstress, kills her 5 years old son Ernstli, son of her rapist. She buries the body in the forest, where it will soon be discovered. The distressed mother, victim as well as perpetrator, confesses to her crime.
Frieda now faces not only the hostility of her own family but also the misogynous laws of the time. ”A female person has to bear the consequences of her immorality”, says the wording of the verdict. 
At the end of the public trial at the courthouse of St. Gallen and in the presence of hundreds of onlookers Frieda Keller is sentenced to death. Due to the intense indignation and fierce protests from the population she will then be “pardoned” to a life sentence in solitary confinement.  
Not only was this bigoted pardon a disgrace, but also the fact that her rapist, Carl Zimmerli, a married man, was never brought to justice. The laws of the time protected married men who assaulted women. 
“Friedas Case”, shot on original locations, will be an emotional film about a woman’s fate, about a scandalous trial and about a cause célèbre between misery, moral and emancipation. 


historical justice drama


Die Verlorene by Michèle Minelli, Aufbau Verlag GmbH


Michèle Minelli


Stephan Puchner


Jürg Ebe


Hans Syz


Susann Henggeler


BAK Succès Cinéma
Kulturförderung St. Gallen
Department for education and culture Thurgau


Praesens-Film AG