The awakening of Motti Wolkenbruch

Based on the novel of the same name by Thomas Meyer.
Until now, Motti Wolkenbruch has always dutifully done what his orthodox Jewish mother told him to do. When his mother wants to marry him off and invites all kinds of young women, Motti deviates from the traditional path. He falls in love with the beautiful gentile Laura. His mother is furious. Love for a shiksa is not in Motti's life plan. Now Motti bravely begins his whimsical journey to self-determination.


Thomas Meyer

Script Consultant

Stephan Puchner


Michael Steiner


Joel Basman
Noémi Schmidt
Udo Samel
Inge Maux



Hans Syz, Anita Wasser and Michael Steiger 
Turnus Film AG
DCM Pictures (D)
Susann Henggeler, Associate Producer

Cinema distribution Switzerland

DCM Switzerland

World sales


Awards and festivals (selection)

2019, Best Actor (Joel Basman)